A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Will you remain a superhero or become a villain?

By day, Rene Garcia is a normal economics student. By night though, she is a member of a superhero team called Dusk, going by the alias “Bolt”. Along with her friends Bastion (“Stoneman”), Alicia (“Frostbite”), and Mia the hacker, she goes up against the notorious villains of team Dawn. However, she soon finds herself entangled in a strange and unexpected companionship with Dawn’s member Shadow. Or is she more attracted to her friend Bastion? When Rene realizes that Dusk and Dawn may not be what she thinks they are, will she remain a hero or become a villain herself?

Content warning: swearing


  • Hero or villain? Don’t want to play as a superhero? Turn to the dark side and become a villain. Either path is a worthwhile way to play the game.
  • Experience romance! Romance enemy team member Shadow or your friend and fellow superhero Bastion.
  • 3 hours of fun. The script is 32k words long and will take 3 hours of average reading time to fully experience.
  • Fully voiced script. Nine voice actors have banded together to breathe life into the characters, lending them their voices,
  • Gorgeous art. 8 character sprites, 2 cgs, and 10 backgrounds. The artists have worked hard to make the game visually pleasing.
  • A custom soundtrack. 8 amazing songs from our composer, Milo Rehm.
  • Every sound covered. The game is complete with all the sfxes needed to fully experience the fights of our superheroes and villains.


  • Director, Writer: Anna ‘Lavinnia’ Kończak
  • Writer: Tim Don Tran
  • Editor: Eleanor Anwen
  • Programmers: Alex Itsios, Dimitris, buhnahnah
  • Character Artist, Character Designer, Main Menu Art: Naoki Murdock (SlicedTomaato)
  • Character Designer: Atelier Solstice
  • CG Art: Aloe
  • Background Art: Lidia “Asobinge”
  • Music: Milo Rehm
  • SFX, Dialogue Editing: FordAudioDesign, Julia Konarczak
  • Logo Artist: dr_design96 

Voice Actors:

  • Rene: Shakyra Dunn
  • Bastion: Allen Chan
  • Samuel: Devin Lawrence Wright
  • Magno: Josh Portillo
  • Mia: Sam Slade
  • Snapshot: Ariana Rosario
  • Alicia: Clover Wren
  • Matilda: Savy DesEtages
  • Extras: Jett Barker, Dustin Vuong Nguyen

Special thanks:

  • Lyricist: Heather Koenig
  • Duskitar
  • Tiffany Witcher


DuskandDawn-1.0.1-pc.zip 265 MB
DuskandDawn-1.0.1-mac.zip 251 MB

Development log


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My playtrough of your game




Good game, lovely backgrounds, wanted to snap more necks tho.

(1 edit) (+3)

Stoneman was readed by me as Stoner XD

(2 edits)

We got played by GirlGotGame. Check it out here: 

Thank you!


I usually play my own character. But this is an exception. Good work!


Aunt Matilda is MVP

Loved the plot twist.  

Sequel where we can play as Frostbite?  Pretty pleaseeeee.  Haha.  I needs more.

Bastion is a sweetheart.  I'm off to play the Shadow route but I wanted to check in and say how amazing this game is.




Thank you for playing it and recording as well as the cool graphic :D


I love this game ♥♥♥


Thank you! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it!