A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Alexandra inherits a mansion from her Grandmother. But the attic holds a secret that will change Alexandra's future.



Reflection_of_Loneliness-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 36 MB
Reflection_of_Loneliness-1.0-mac.zip 28 MB
Reflection_of_Loneliness-1.0-win.zip 46 MB


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well that explains why its so short...i do wish there was another ending but oh well


It was made for last year's O2A2 jam, which has a limit of 1k words (among other things that are limited to 1). I also wished there was more to this so I started writing an expanded version in novel format. It's not out yet, though.

This VN was rather more depressing than I expected at first, but I don’t mean that in the wrong way.

The character sprite is lovely, and the voice-acting really adds to the enjoyment. It’s great the creator managed to find a voice actor for such a short project.

The music is up on SoundCloud, for anyone who enjoyed it:  https://soundcloud.com/simon-zaleski/reflection-of-loneliness-main-theme


alex noooooooo ur so pretty why would you do me like this ;;