A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

When the king is incompetent you face a dilemma: will you try to change his ways or join the rebellion?

Made for the SuNoFes 2022 jam.

Dahlia Wintone has been a knight of the Kingdom of Thorntone for several years. During her service, she became not only Queen Linda's trusted protector but a close confidant as well. But now, Linda has passed away and her son Elton has taken the throne. Dahlia swears her loyalty to him, but after only a week the new monarch begins to show his incompetence. In light of Elton’s bad reign Dahlia faces a dilemma: should she try to change the king’s ways or give up on him and join the rebellion?


  • An important choice. You are faced with a crucial choice which branches into either helping Elton mend his ways or joining the rebellion leader Hale to save Thorntone from suffering under a bad ruler.
  • Romance or friendship? You don’t want to romance Elton or Hale? You can still be friends with them! The two routes include romantic options as well as friendship paths. 
  • 22k words of political intrigue. It’s fantasy, but no dragon slaying in this one.
  • Fully voiced script. Eight voice actors have banded together to breathe life into the characters.
  • Two beautifully illustrated CGs. 5 gorgeous backgrounds. As well as 3 expressive sprites, and silhouettes for the rest of the characters. The game was made in under two months for a jam, but we still worked to bring you the best visual experience.


  • Director, Writer (Common, Hale Route): Anna “Lavinnia” Kończak
  • Writer (Elton Route): Joshua “WordyRobin” Robinson
  • Editor: Jenna Rose Geiser
  • Character, CG and GUI Artist: Riko Ingram
  • Background Artist: Sara “TeddiBura”
  • Logo: Vera Tan
  • Composer: Mark Alan Knapp Jr.
  • Dialogue Editor: Julia Konarczak
  • Programmers: Mochi, Rodrick “RodFireProductions”

Voice actors:

  • Dahlia - Jett Barker
  • Elton - Ty Coker
  • Hale - Gale Rivera
  • Queen Linda - Brynna Soth
  • Frost/Rue Froste - Vera Tan 
  • Midnight/Wren Grovese - Megan Tooley
  • Merchant 1, Noble Lord 2, Minister of Wealth, Advisor - Gerald Hill
  • Merchant 2, Noble Lord 1, Knight, Groundskeeper  - Christian Cox 


the-knights-dilemma-win-linux-stable.zip 226 MB
Version 6 Sep 03, 2022
the-knights-dilemma-mac-stable.zip 211 MB
Version 6 Sep 03, 2022

Development log


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Someone needs to explain to MC that being a bad parent to the heir to the throne and letting them be the worst and a clear disaster king in the making, regardless of them overcompensating for their own differently bad childhood, makes them a mediocre ruler at best. The cognitive dissonance she's got going on about how basically perfect the queen was and her son's over here burning puppies or something and that's completely unrelated is really something else. 


I liked the plot, the story was short, but not scant. I even laughed at jokes, I didn't expect the characters to be somehow... real? 

But is there a guide? I can't reach the Elton's romance ending. I've tried to change my strategy (because I got his friendship first), but this led only to bad ends no matter what I chose...


So glad you enjoyed the game! To get Elton's true feelings to come out, you won't want to hold anything back. Try insulting him, then disarm him when he challenges you. 😉


I got a bunch of different endings and they're all so great! Also I have to say, the art in this game is absolutely beautiful *^* 

Thank you very very much for this amazing game, I can't get enough of it!

This is so good and I would like to translate it to German with my group. However, it is free so I can't possible justify asking you to pay for it. It looks fantastic, however!


Love the art <3 haven't finished it yet but I already like the plot